The Modern Data Team with Abhi Sivasailam

  • 26 October 2022
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A discussion with Abhi Sivasailam – a Growth & Analytics leader (Flexport, Hustle, Keap, Honeybook) – on "The Modern Data Team" shortly before his talk at dbt Labs' Coalesce conference in New Orleans. Abhi dives into real world data leadership and engineering management topics such as applying Domain-driven design on data teams, producer-defined models (plus why he thinks they're better than consumer-led), and adhering to SLAs across the business. Abhi also provides a future-facing view of the data industry: eliminating arbitrary uniqueness in analytics engineering. Can we all align on common data models? Is this what 'modern data teams' will look like? Tune in to learn more!

About Abhi Sivasailam:

Abhi Sivasailam is a Growth & Analytics leader who previously led those functions at Flexport, Hustle, Keap, and Honeybook. He currently invests in and advises companies on their data strategies and coaches operators. Follow Abhi on Twitter for more insights. 

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