Stream CDC Data from PostgreSQL to Google BigQuery with Striim Cloud

  • 29 June 2022
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Use Striim Cloud to stream CDC data securely from PostgreSQL database into Google BigQuery


In part 1 of PostgreSQL to Bigquery streaming, we have shown how data can be securely replicated between Postgres database and Bigquery. In this
recipe we will walk you through a Striim application capturing change data from postgres database and replicating to bigquery for real time visualization.

In addition to CDC connectors, Striim has hundreds of automated adapters for file-based data (logs, xml, csv), IoT data (OPCUA, MQTT), and applications such as Salesforce and SAP. Our SQL-based stream processing engine makes it easy to
enrich and normalize data before it’s written to Snowflake.

Traditionally Data warehouses that required data to be transferred use batch processing but with Striim’s streaming platform data can be replicated in real-time efficiently with added cost.

Data loses its value over time and businesses need to be updated with most recent data in order to make the right decisions that are vital to overall growth.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to create a replica slot to stream change data from postgres tables to bigquery and use the in-flght data to generate analytical dashboards.

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