Real-Time Point-of-Sale (POS) Analytics with Striim and BigQuery

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How to us Striim to generate transaction reports an send alerts when transaction counts are higher or lower than average.

Analyze point-of-sale retail data in real-time with Striim, BigQuery, and the BI tool of your choice.

  1. Streaming Change Data Capture – Striim
  2. Streaming Data Pipelines in SQL – Striim
  3. Streaming Data Visualiztion – Striim
  4. Cloud Data Warehouse with incremental views – BigQuery
  5. Reporting & BI – Metabase


Before following the instructions below, complete the steps in Configuring your system to install Striim.

In the web UI, from the top menu, select Apps > View All Apps.

If you don’t see PosApp anywhere on the page (you may need to expand the Samples group) , select Create App > Import TQL file, navigate to Striim/Samples/PosApp, double-click PosApp.tql, enter Samples as the namespace, and click Import.

At the bottom right corner of the PosApp tile, select … > Manage Flow. The Flow Designer displays a graphical representation of the application flow:

PosApp Graphical Representation

The following is simplified diagram of that flow:

Diagram of PosApp

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