Deploy and Run Striim on Google Kubernetes Engine

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Integrate Striim for data streaming in your containerized application.


Kubernetes is a popular tool for creating scalable applications due to its flexibility and delivery speed. When you are developing a data-driven application that requires fast real-time data streaming, it is important to utilize a tool that does the job efficiently. This is when
Striim patches into your system. Striim is a unified data streaming and integration product that offers change capture (CDC) enabling continuous replication from popular databases such as Oracle, SQLServer, PostgreSQL and many others to target data warehouses like BigQuery and Snowflake.

In this tutorial we have shown how to run a Striim application in Kubernetes cluster that streams data from Postgres to Bigquery in real time. We have also discussed how to monitor and access Striim’s logs and poll Striim’s Rest API to regulate the data stream.

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